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Limezza 100g

Fermented lemon powder

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Features: gluten free

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Fermented lemon powder... another shattering aroma powder.

As with many other things, we choose to propose something special, perhaps unusual, rather than "the usual soup". It probably takes a certain skill in the kitchen to best dose and place a product like this, not surprisingly it is appreciated especially by top chefs, but we will certainly not put limits to creativity in the kitchen. However... don’t ask us "how to use it", rather: tell us how you use it!

Again, we do not make compositions of flavours, but create unique flavours, in this case lemon.

Just fermented lemons and sea salt of Sicily. The lacto-fermentation changes and enriches the flavour of the lemon, making it more intense, and gives the product storage qualities.

All the processing is done by hand and with great attention.

(Possibly) DO NOT COOK! The live ferments contained in unpasteurised Cepezza are killed by very high temperatures, so add preferably cold.

 If you like, take a look ath the recipes section, curated by Giulia Pieri, to get inspired.

Store in a cool place away from light.

Ingredients: lemon, sea salt

Nutritional information per 100 g (in grams):
val. energy: 96 kcal; fat: 0,5; carbohydrates: 16,8; of which sugars: 0; proteins: 4,2; salt: 27,7.

La Limezza è naturalmente SENZA GLUTINE, dato che nessun ingrediente utilizzato contiene glutine.

Produced by:
Nesler società semplice agricola
strada Sterpaio snc
Viterbo (VT)

We only use local, selected and controlled raw food materials. We do not use soy, products containing GMOs or synthetic chemicals. All the ingredients used are indicated in the sheets and on the label, with no exclusion.

Our understanding of "local" takes into account the climate and the real movements we make. Furthermore, we try to work with the most conscientious farmers in the area. What we absolutely prefer is to produce raw food materials ourselves.
What is most important to us is a high level of respect for Earth and Man and high levels of quality.
We prefer quality to the abstract concept of "local", we prefer to know suppliers, we prefer to strive for quality, rather than passively accept labels. We prefer the small to the big producer and... We are realistic. The compromise is sometimes to go further, rather than to lower the quality level. Our "local" is a "relative local" that makes us use whole Sicilian salt, Tuscan peas, cereals grown in Tuscia, organic hazelnuts grown a few kilometers away, and so on.