Nesler - Cibo Vivo

Live, unpasteurised foods obtained through the fermentation of carefully selected raw materials.

We want to respect the environment, people and all living beings.

Miso, Shio-Koji, Kombucha, UmOri, Shoyu, a valid alternative to soy sauce, and many other delicacies: Nesler’s products are not just condiments, but real fermented foods, born from the transformation of excellent food raw materials through ancient methods, filtered by modern knowledge and experience, to create gourmet dishes to enjoy every day, that taste and make you feel good.

The culinary experimentation and the ongoing refinement of the fermentation processes allow us to propose absolute gastronomic novelties, along with traditional fermented foods with a local and contemporary reinterpretation: thus, all the gustatory and microbiological advantages of fermented, unpasteurised foods, are guaranteed.

Nesler: fermented without soy, GMOs, chemicals.

We do not use soybeans, GMO products or synthetic chemicals: our fermented foods are made from food raw materials such as legumes – chickpeas, peas, lentils – or hazelnuts and cereals that come from our productions and from the collaboration with local farmers whose work respects man and nature, to achieve high quality levels.

The artisanal production of small batches allows us to take care of everything, consistently: a certain variability in the results is natural, we like the variation, and we like to see how our fermented products alternative to soybeans are not always the same: they change over time, just like really special wines.

Our fermented foods are also live because they are not pasteurised or sterilised in any way.

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The origins of Nesler

The company was founded in 2016 as CibOfficina by Carlo Nesler: we started to produce fermented foods right from the start, such as miso, fermented vegetables, kombucha and chickpea shoyu, an alternative to traditional soy sauce. At the end of 2019, Paolo Casadio joined the team as part of the management of the company, which became an agricultural company, under the name Nesler s.s. agricola.

As the processing methods refined and improved, we began to produce new fermented flavourings: to this day we carry out a program of experimentation and constant research.

Fermented foods and flavourings made with zero waste

Next come the powders of fermented vegetables and citrus, and then fermented vegetable juices.

One of the focal points is to minimise food waste. Minimising waste leads us to discover new worlds: UMORI, for instance, among our first fermented foods and among the most incredible.

The processing is absolutely rural and artisanal: the food raw materials we use are produced on the farm or purchased from trusted farmers, mostly local, who cultivate the land consciously.

That is why our artisanal fermented foods and flavourings are produced in very small batches and are not always easily accessible, but we are happy to offer these gems even just to a few, those who know how to make them shine with their creativity. We undoubtedly go a bit against the current in this era of industrial production… but we like it that way.

Nesler - Cibo Vivo, punto di riferimento italiano per i cibi fermentati

Our laboratory, the CibOfficina, is based in Viterbo: other than being a workshop for the production of flavourings and fermented foods that uses local chain products, it is a place of constant culinary experimentation, where fermentation processes are valued not only for their ability to make foods more preservable, healthy and digestible, but also tastier and more unique.

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Fermentation and surroundings: what to know about Nesler - Cibo Vivo?

Our company has already become a cultural hub dedicated to wholesome foods and ancient food processing techniques, with particular attention to fermentations and their contemporary evolution.

Thanks to the experience of Carlo Nesler, founder of the company, who combines his fermentation activity with that of training, we have caught the eye of many chefs and enthusiasts who, in addition to using our products, ferment themselves.

As a matter of fact, there are so many chefs who have made a training journey with Carlo and maintain an active exchange on issues concerning fermentation: thus, our company is ever growing; our friends are much more than customers! We also ferment in a metaphorical sense, to quote the recent text of Sandor Katz, who is always of great inspiration.

Making a culture of fermented food and nutrition through the dissemination of information on food fermentations is one of the main purposes that has brought us to create this small company of ours. Our pioneering work has already been rewarded with many satisfactions, and there is still much yet to do.

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An expanding network on fermented food

Nesler is not only synonymous with fermented foods for gourmet preparations.

We try to respect the Earth and life, firstly by giving ourselves and others the opportunity to eat good food.

From the beginning we believed in the importance of establishing relationships, interactions and collaborations, until forming virtuous networks at various levels Our network ranges from small producers, to attentive consumers, ethical cooks, innovative nutrition professionals.

In an attempt to bring citizens closer to the possibility of buying directly from small farms operating conscientiously and transparently, in 2020, with the support of ARSIAL and Lazio Region, Nesler s.s. Agriculture has promoted a temporary network of businesses, Tuscia Viva.

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